What is Culture Calling?

Let’s talk cultural careers

Culture Calling! is an independent platform created for and by Arts and Culture students and recent alumni of Erasmus University Rotterdam. We strive to improve the shift from student to cultural professional by equipping students and alumni with tools to professionally find their way in the cultural field. We aim to do this by concentrating the wide array of information on the career dynamics of this colorful sector. 

Culture Calling! is established with the aim of providing information about career opportunities and the modus operandi of the cultural sector as a whole. By contacting key players in the sector, and collaborating with them in a broad range of formats, we are trying to gain understanding from a multitude of perspectives. The different positions and experiences of our associates is meant to contribute to a broad base of knowledge.



Dewi Kruijk


Bibi Kok

hospitality & all-round

Rosa Vrijhof


Mina So

programming &

Tommaso Fanin


Valeria Pagani

head of aquisition &

Tessa van der Heijden

hospitality & all-round


Marco Aperti

podcast creator & host

Erik Vermunt

podcast creator & host

Susan de Boer

all-round creative


Culture Calling 2020 — Rotterdam, The Netherlands